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    Axcaliber Split Scoring Blades

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    • Adjustable by increase or decrease of number of spacer shims
    • Diameter of the blade is either 80, 100 or 120mm
    • Range of adjustment from 2.8mm to 3.6mm
    • 20mm bore
    Bore Size
    Blade Diameter


    These flat adjustable scoring blades will allow you to make different thickness cuts by increasing or decreasing number of spacer shims. The scoring saw is a standard fitting on several of the larger saw benches in our range, particularly those designed for cutting sheet material. The blade is fitted a short distance in front of the main blade and cuts a shallow groove on the underside of the board, preventing splintering on faced and veneered boards. The scoring blades listed here are of the adjustable type and come in two parts with a set of shims so that the cut can be aligned exactly with that of the main blade. The diameter of the blade is either 80, 100 or 120mm and the range of adjustment is from 2.8mm to 3.6mm. The bore diameter is 20mm.-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    2.8 mm to 3.6 mm
    Максимални обороти в минута
    12,000 rpm

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