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    Axcaliber Contract 184mm TCT Циркулярен диск

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    34,98 лв.
    • Generously sized tips brazed onto tensioned quality steel plates
    • 24 & 40T
    • Covering rip to fine crosscut
    • 2.2mm kerf
    • 16 or 30mm bore, reducing bushes available
    • Perfect for mains powered circular saws
    Blade Application
    Bore Size


    The Axcaliber range of Contract TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) circular saw blades offers an unmatched blend of choice, cutting performance and price. Manufactured in one of the most advanced facilities in the world, they are produced to the highest standards using the finest materials available. With the range covering everything from hand held power tools right up to large panel saws used in production workshops, you will be certain to find a blade to suit every requirement. Bores 30mm or 16mm as indicated below. For other saw blades in the Axcaliber range see the Woodworking Machinery section.-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    2.2 mm
    Максимални обороти в минута
    9,500 rpm
    Дебелина на плочата
    1.6 mm
    Формат на зъбите
    Ъгъл на куката
    Диаметър на острието
    184 mm

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