Електрически респиратори

Axminster APF 10 Evolution... Axminster APF 10 Evolution... 2
Електрически респиратори

Axminster APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator

609,00 лв.
Positive pressure powered respirator offering a cool, comfortable supply of filtered air Air is blown over your face and away from your airways unlike negative pressure powered respirators Li-ion battery gives 8 hours run time Constant clean airflow at 160L/min eliminates breathing resistance Respiratory protection to EN12941:1998 + A2:2008 TH1P....
3M Versaflo M-306 Headtop...
Електрически респиратори

3M Versaflo M-306 Headtop with Helmet and Visor

929,00 лв.
Head top with helmet for respiratory, eye, face & head protectionFitted with general purpose face sealVisor combines excellent peripheral & downward visionChemical & scratch resistant lens-bg
JSP APF40 PowerCap Infinity... JSP APF40 PowerCap Infinity... 2
Електрически респиратори

JSP APF40 PowerCap Infinity Powered Respirator TH3

2 382,00 лв.
TH3 respiratory protection with eye, face and head protectionPAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator)High-level protection against multiple hazards in one unitFully integrated helmet mounted unitOptical class 1 visor, protects against impact, dust and debrisHead protection from EVO®5 Olympus® safety helmetPositive pressure system allows user to breathe...
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