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    Veritas Shooting Board Track

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    179,94 лв.
    • Straight, durable aluminium track, make your own shooting board
    • Guarantees a highly accurate result
    • Low-friction UHMW strips let your plane glide smoothly
    • Adjustable for a perfect fit
    • Screws for mounting are included
    • Made in Canada
    Track Length


    Use this straight, durable aluminium track to make your own indispensable shooting board. It not only simplifies the whole process of making a shooting board, it also guarantees a highly accurate result. Initially designed to fit the Veritas shooting plane and shooting sander, any other plane with a running surface between 52mm and 57mm will work perfectly. Low-friction UHMW strips in the bottom of the track let your plane glide smoothly. You can adjust the stainless steel outer rail for a perfect fit. Screws for mounting the track to a shooting board are included. Made in Canada.-bg

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