Veritas Medium Router Plane ➤ • Топ цена •
    Veritas Medium Router Plane ➤ • Топ цена •
    Veritas Medium Router Plane ➤ • Топ цена •

    Veritas Medium Router Plane

    Централен склад: Доставка 7-10 раб. дни!
    484,55 лв.
    • Ductile cast iron body
    • Ideal for cutting dadoes, grooves and inlay or intarsia work
    • Supplied with either 1/4" or 1/2" blades
    • Accepts blades from larger Veritas router plane
    Plane Blade Width


    Slightly larger than the Veritas small router plane, this tool has the advantage of using the same blades as the full-size router plane. This means any of the blades available for this will fit. The plane can be used as a closed mouth router or the blade can also be used in an outboard configuration, with the blade extending past the body for bullnose applications. The blade-clamping knob uses a wave washer to hold the blade as it is loosened for easy, controlled depth adjustment. An included stainless steel depth-stop collar locks onto the blade shaft to limit cutting depth to a preset maximum. The plane can make cuts up to 1" deep with the depth stop installed or up to 1.3/4" deep without it. The ductile cast iron body has been accurately machined and ground flat. The plane is 3.1/2" wide by 3" deep and weighs about 13oz. A versatile plane, particularly on narrow material or in confined areas. Available with either a 1/4" or 1/2" blade.-bg

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    Дължина на подметката на самолета
    75 mm
    Нетно тегло
    370 g (13oz)

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