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    Veritas Front Vices

    Централен склад: Доставка 7-10 раб. дни!
    291,91 лв.
    • Machined double guide rods, single-lead Acme screws
    • Regular front vice is 175 x 375mm(7" x 14.3/4") with a clamping capacity of 210mm(8.1/4")
    • Large front vice is 265 x 533mm(10.1/2" x 21") with a clamping capacity of 330mm(13")
    • Note capacity quoted is less the thickness of any wooden jaws fitted
    • Large front vice has an offset center screw to prevent skewing
    • Cast iron and steel components
    • Turned wooden handle available separately
    Jaw Width


    These vices have rugged, machined, double guide rods and single-lead Acme screws. The regular front vice is 175mm(7") x 375mm(14.3/4") overall with a 22mm(7/8") dia. screw and clamping capacity of 210mm(8.1/4") (less the thickness of your wooden jaws). The large front vice is 265mm(10.1/2") x 533mm(21") overall with a 28mm(1.1/8") dia. screw, and 330mm(13") clamping capacity (less the thickness of your wooden jaws). The larger vice has an offset centre screw to allow vertical clamping without skewing. These powerful vices can be added to an existing bench or built into a new one. A turned wooden handle is available separately.-bg

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