Saburr Tooth Carbide Discs 100mm(4") ➤ • Топ цена •

    Saburr Tooth Carbide Discs 100mm(4")

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    • Rapid stock removal
    • Versatile and durable
    • Smooth, non-loading design
    • Suitable for most 115 - 125mm angle grinders
    • 4"(100mm) diameter, 7/8" (22mm) bore
    Abrasive Grit


    Saburr Tooth burrs from America are a revelation in sculpting, shaping or smoothing wood, fibreglass, rubber, foam or silicone. These 4"(100mm) diameter discs are very durable and aggressive but controllable and resistant to clogging. Long lasting, razor-sharp carbide cutting teeth are arranged into a unique open pattern to resist "loading" while providing the "Power Carver" rapid stock removal and smoother finishes. They are available in many shapes, sizes and textures to suit your carving, grinding, cutting and machining needs. For safety, always use approved eye protection and safety devices. Please note: not suitable for use on metals or ceramics. Suitable for 115mm or 125mm angle grinders (7/8"(22mm) bore).-bg

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