Proxxon Metric Combination Spanners ➤ • Топ цена •

    Proxxon Metric Combination Spanners

    Централен склад: Ограничена наличност!
    8,35 лв.
    • Easy to grip, easy to handle and skin-friendly plating
    • Polished, chromed heads
    • Chrome Vanadium alloy
    • Better than DIN/ISO requirements for dimensional accuracy
    Jaw Size


    Slim and thin-walled design for accessing difficult places these are built to exceed DIN3113/ISO3318. They are made from high grade steel and chrome vanadium alloy, drop forged, hardened and treated. Each piece is factory calibrated and checked. Optimum surface treatment against rust; 2 layers of nickel plating, one of chrome. Head is offset 15° for easy use. Each spanner is clearly marked with its size.-bg

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