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    Polishing Mops Sisal

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    • More aggressive than a standard stitched mop
    • Fast cutting action, removes scratches or grinding marks
    • Useful for first stage polishing on steel, aluminium alloys stainless steel and iron
    • Use with grey compound
    Mop Diameter


    These stitched sisal mops have leather centre washers for use on a tapered spindle mounted on a bench grinder or a taper pigtail in a drill chuck. The sisal mop consists of sections, each with a thickness of approximately 13mm. Sisal fibres sandwiched between calico cloth make up each section, which are then spirally stitched. A sisal mop is more aggressive than a standard stitched mop. Combined with grey compound the sisal mop has a fast cutting action and removes scratches left by abrasives or grinding marks. These mops are particularly useful for first stage heavy duty polishing on steel, aluminium alloys stainless steel and iron. For best results use a separate mop for each different compound, mark each mop using a felt tip pen with the type of compound used. Store mops in individual plastic bags when not in use.-bg

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