Kirschen 1002 Bevel Edge Chisels ➤ • Топ цена •

    Kirschen 1002 Bevel Edge Chisels

    Централен склад: Ограничена наличност!
    70,67 лв.
    • Ground and fully polished high carbon steel blade
    • Traditional octagonal hornbeam handle
    • Top and bottom ferrule
    • Hammer button fitted on top
    Chisel Blade Width


    Beautiful bevel edge chisels from Wilhelm Schmitt of Remscheid, Germany. The blades are made from their own specially developed high carbon steel, ground and fully polished, including the all important back of the chisel which is the bit that really matters. The handle is a traditional octagonal continental shape from hornbeam with both top and bottom ferrule. In addition the top is fitted with a hammer button. These chisels are designed and manufactured by a company with over 135 years of experience in producing some of the finest tools in the world.-bg

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