Hardwood Kataba Saw - 250mm
Hardwood Kataba Saw - 250mm
    Hardwood Kataba Saw - 250mm
    Hardwood Kataba Saw - 250mm

    Hardwood Kataba Saw - 250mm

    • Easier cutting due to narrower kerf
    • Comfortable handle with soft grip
    • Ni-P plated blade for durability and wear resistance
    • Light weight, great performance with reduced effort
    • Replaceable blade, easy to remove and fit
    Централен склад: Доставка 7-10 раб. дни!
    87,23 лв.

    With specially designed robust and sharp teeth, this saw is ideal for cutting hardwoods such as oak, mahogany, maple etc. The universal tooth design allows both rip and crosscutting tasks to be completed. The high quality carbon steel blade is hardened (53-54 HRC), giving the blade flexibility and durability. The Japanese Tri-Edge-Teeth design provides for a highly efficient cutting performance, leaving a very clean and smooth cutting surface. The tips of the teeth undergo additional impulse hardening process to 68-70 HRC. This leaves the core and the base of the teeth tough and flexible. The result is a saw tooth that has a very long edge and resistance to breakage. Electro-less Ni-P plating adds greater wear resistance and increases the blade’s durability. Changing blades is a simple tap to loosen the old blade and then clipping a new one in place. This is also an advantage by allowing you to separate the blade from the handle for easy storage and transport in a toolbox. The handle has a soft grip for comfort offering better control. Blade length: 250mm, pitch: 1.75mm, thickness: 0.50mm, kerf: 0.68mm.-bg
    0.68 mm
    Blade Thickness
    0.50 mm
    Tooth Pitch \ tpi
    1.75 mm \ 14.5 tpi
    Length of Blade
    250 mm
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