Veritas Surface Dogs
Veritas Surface Dogs
Veritas Surface Dogs
Veritas Surface Dogs

Veritas Surface Dogs

  • Surface dogs for use with Festool MFT3 table
  • Quality product designed and manufactured by Veritas®
  • Threaded M8 for attaching jigs and accessories
  • Large or small sizes available, sold in pairs
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These surface dogs from Veritas® let you take advantage of the precise grid layout of the Festool MFT/3 table top for fast and repeatable work positioning, and are particularly useful for accurately aligning work in relation to the guide rail for 90° or 45° cuts. CNC machined from aluminium, they have a flat face for work registration and a rim that supports and stabilises them on the bench surface. Each dog has a post that fits into the 20mm holes of the Festool MFT/3 table top. They are supported on the surface of the bench by a thicker boss or collar, 25mm in diameter and 10mm high, which provides a good bearing surface and stability in use. For additional security, each dog has a threaded hole to fasten it from below the table with a suitable clamping knob available separately. The two sizes of dog can be used for a variety of different purposes. Apart from their use as a low-profile stop, the dogs can be inverted and inserted from below the table top to exploit the M8 threaded through hole as an anchor point. The bench dogs can also be used to accurately set up the fence and guide rail on the MFT3. If you don't own a Festool table then a DIY cutting table can be produced using some 19mm MDF with a few 20mm holes bored at the required positions for 90° or 45° cuts. Supplied in pairs of chosen size.

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