Titebond Solvent Free Construction Adhesive - 107 -

    Titebond Solvent Free Construction Adhesive

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      A solvent free adhesive designed to give a strong bond between wood and most other building materials, hence the name. Excellent for the fitting of applied decorative mouldings and panels and a wide range of materials as diverse as wood, metal, masonry and types of plastic, plasterboard, polyurethane and polystyrene applications. Some clamping or bracing may be necessary for heavier items whilst drying. For use in a skeleton gun. Tube 296ml(10oz) & 215mm length(excluding nozzle)

      Product Details

      Interior or Exterior
      Adhesive Type
      Blend of polymer emulsions
      Setting Time
      6-24 hours
      Suitable For
      Wood, Metal, Some Plastics, Masonry, Rubber, Leather


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