Polishing Mops Stitched - 1197 -
    Polishing Mops Stitched - 1197 -
    Polishing Mops Stitched - 1197 -
    Polishing Mops Stitched - 1197 -

    Polishing Mops Stitched

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    • For use on taper spindles, pigtail mounting
    • Stitched to give a firmer working surface
    • Sections are approximately 13mm wide
    • First stage polishing on copper, brass - B mop
    • Second stage polishing steel, stainless steel and iron – B mop
    • Final finishing on ferrous metals - G mop
    • General polishing where surface is unscratched - G mop
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    Stitching produces a mop with a firmer face; a stitched mop's normal usage is in the first and second (if required) stages of the polishing process. The thickness is given in sections, each section the equivalent of approximately 13mm. The mops have leather centre washers for support and are for use on a tapered spindle. For best results use a separate mop for each different compound, mark each mop using a felt tip pen with the type of compound used. Store mops in individual plastic bags when not in use. Type B mops are versatile mops for general polishing. Use for first stage polishing with sovereign (pink) or tripoli on brass, copper, etc. They are excellent for second stage polishing on hard metals with sovereign (pink). Type G mops are softer than the type B. Use them for a quick polish where the metal is not marked or scratched. They make a good choice for finishing steels, hard metals or chrome.

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