Light Pull Kits - 1260 - - Make...
    Light Pull Kits - 1260 - - Make...
    Light Pull Kits - 1260 - - Make...

    Light Pull Kits

    UK warehouse: Delivery 7-10 B. days!
    • Make some great light pulls using timber or acrylics
    • Other ideas could include blind pulls, plumb bobs and pendulums
    • An inexpensive way of using up your offcuts
    • 7mm drill required


    N.B. Each kit is supplied as the components only and does not include the material / blank. A simple kit comprising a 7mm diameter brass tube with a decorative stud at one end and a top entry hole fitting for a cord at the other. The top can be unscrewed allowing the cord to be inserted and knotted within the fitting. This is a great way of using up your offcuts to produce some unusual designs for light pulls and blind pulls.Our project kit blanks would make a great choice of material for producing some colourful designs. Choose from gold or chrome finish. Overall length 53mm when assembled.

    Product Details

    Drill Bit Required
    7 mm
    Minimum Blank Size
    16 mm to 25 mm square x 38 mm long
    Bushing Set Order No.
    8.5mm O/D (as supplied with mandrel) (100793)


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