Kirschen Micro Chisels - 332 - ...
    Kirschen Micro Chisels - 332 - ...

    Kirschen Micro Chisels

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    • 100mm long octagonal hornbeam handles
    • Recessed circular grip near ferrule
    • Blades fully polished and lacquered
    Chisel Blade Width


    The traditional Sheffield list, on which most manufacturers base their production, lists 1/16" or 2mm as the narrowest tools available, leaving the true miniaturist forced to make do with whatever he, or she, can find. Fortunately, Kirschen have come to the rescue with this range of tools which covers seven designs in sizes from 0.5 to 2mm. All are fitted with 4" long octagonal hornbeam handles, with a recessed circular grip near the ferrule. The blades are fully polished and lacquered and of the same high quality steel as used on their full sized tools. Overall they give the distinct impression of having been designed by a carver, having bevels ground to the right length and angle requiring only a light hone before use. With Kirschen's guarantee of superb quality and their sheer usability, these tools will find a place in practically every carver's tool roll.

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