Japanese Carver's Files - 1082 -
    Japanese Carver's Files - 1082 -
    Japanese Carver's Files - 1082 -
    Japanese Carver's Files - 1082 -

    Japanese Carver's Files

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    • For carvers, cabinetmakers, musical instrument makers and sculptors
    • Leaves a surface that requires very little further finishing
    • Teeth are milled and chemically etched for maximum bite
    • Built-in chip-breakers minimise clogging
    • Suitable for wood, plastics and other similar materials
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    These files are perfect for carvers, cabinetmakers, toy makers, musical instrument makers and sculptors. With safe edges, they're useful for fine tuning joints. Rasps produce sawdust, files make filings (dust), an Iwasaki file produces miniature shavings. Like a rasp, an Iwasaki file removes material very quickly but the resulting surface is much smoother, requiring only a little sanding to finish. The secret lies in the shape of the teeth, milling and chemical etching produces a sharp edge with real bite. Diagonal grooves stagger the teeth and the shape of each tooth acts like a mini chip-breaker, minimising clogging. The half-round files have teeth only on the convex side. The tooth pitch of the fine file is 1.6mm and 1.2mm for the extra fine. All our Japanese Carver's Files have beech wood handles fitted, made in Japan.

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