Fuji G-Xpc Gravity Spray Gun - 4175 -
    Fuji G-Xpc Gravity Spray Gun - 4175 -

    Fuji Spray G-Xpc Gravity Spray Gun

    • Professional Spray G-Xpc spray gun features spray fan pattern control
    • Spray fan pattern from 13mm up to 380mm in diameter
    • Will handle almost all finishes, including water based
    • 100% stainless steel fluid components, no 'O' rings used
    • Non-Bleed spray gun for less turbulence of the workshop air
    • Four other sizes of air caps available, spray all known coatings


    By popular demand the G-Xpc Gravity Spray Gun has been relaunched by Fuji Spray. The Fuji Spray G-Xpc Gravity Spray Gun features a spray fan control knob to adjust the size of the fan from 13mm up to 380mm and any size in-between. The pattern control knob allows you to adjust to the exact size of the object you are spraying. A 400cc pressurised gravity cup is installed, with the Fuji Spray tilt feature it allows the user to spay in any direction including upwards. 100% stainless fluid components, stainless springs, metal knobs and collar, an ergonomic handle that is always cool to the touch. No 'O' rings are used in its construction. This is the ideal sized gun for projects such as inside cabinets, furniture, bath restoration and spray body tanning etc. 1.4mm Aircap Set is installed - perfect size for most fine finishing with lacquers, polyurethanes, latex, water based coatings and others.Can be used with all Fuji Spray HVLP Turbines.

    Product Details

    Cup Capacity
    400 cc
    Gun Type
    Suitable Adaptor for 3MPPS System
    S24 and H/O Cup Required


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