FISCH HSS-M2 Fast Cut Pen Drill Bits - 1258 -

    FISCH HSS-M2 Fast Cut Drill Bits

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    • Length 150mm, made from top quality HSS-M2 steel
    • Very fast with excellent chip clearance
    • Pen blanks can be drilled in one pass
    • Clean precise boring in cross and end grain
    • Double hardened shank reduces premature wear
    • Special drill geometry ensures faster drilling
    • Made in Austria using high-grade raw materials
    Drill Bit Diameter


    Specifically designed to drill accurate, clean holes in the end grain of wood and acrylic, ideal for drilling pen blanks when woodturning. The parabolic flute design clears the chips quickly and prevents chip burn. The double hardened shank reduces premature wear. The special cutting geometry and the design of the FISCH pen drill bits enables precise drilling free from tears, when compared to conventional pen drills, regardless of the material. The drill bits are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machines which helps to minimise vibrations. Unrestricted chip removal minimises blockages in the drill channel which means the pen blanks can be drilled in one pass. With this in mind, intermediate clearing of the borehole is not necessary. Length 150mm and made from top quality HSS-M2 steel. The specialised hardening process achieves a hardness of 64 HRC (normal high carbon tool steel achieves 50- 53 HRC). Packed in reusable storage tubes. Made in Austria using high-grade raw materials to guarantee the highest quality.

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