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    Devcon Plastic Welder



      So many things are made of plastic and only a few glue types will make viable repairs to them. This one from the USA is designed to do just that, and a few other things besides. Hard plastics, metals, concrete, vinyl, PVC piping and fibreglass can all be repaired with Plastic Welder (but not polyethylene or polypropylene plastics). The waterproof bond takes place in 3-4 minutes, can be handled in 15 and reaches full strength in 24 hours. Clean and easy to use the two-part syringe dispenser delivers equal quantities of glue and hardener to take the guesswork out of the mix. Combines to make 25ml.

      Product Details

      Interior or Exterior
      Adhesive Type
      Epoxy Resin
      Setting Time
      15 mins/24 hours
      Suitable For
      Some Plastics, Metal, PVC, Fibreglass, Masonry
      Available Sizes
      25 ml


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