Crown Cryo Double-Ended Bowl Gouges - 1676 -

    Crown Cryo Double-Ended Bowl Gouges

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    • Cryogenic treatment for exceptional wear resistance
    • Double-ended saving time and money
    • Fingernail grind on one end, straight grind on the other
    • Overall length 480mm (19"), flute length 135mm (5.1/8")
    • Collet handle system available
    Gouge Width


    These cryogenically treated double-ended bowl gouges can save you time and money. Why waste half a blade by seating one end permanently in a tool handle? The double-ended gouge comes with a fingernail grind on one end and a straight grind on the other. You could easily re-grind one or both edge profiles to suit your particular style or needs. Overall, the blades are approximately 480mm (19") with flute lengths of 135mm (5.1/8"). The cryogenic technique involves subjecting the blade to a complex immersion procedure at minus 195° Celsius (just 78° above absolute zero!). The resulting blade has exceptional wear resistance. It is capable of retaining its cutting edge longer by at least a factor of 2 to 3 compared to standard M2 steel with conventional heat treatment. The cryogenic treatment improves strength, hardness and wear resistance characteristics throughout the tool. We offer a collet handle to take the double-ended gouges. The collet handle system gives a rock solid grip on the blade and allows you to adjust the length of the blade protrusion. You also have the potential to use other blades in the same handle. N.B. If using the 3/8'' gouge and Axminster Woodturning Short Handle, you will need the ER20 Collet 10mm-9mm (code: 910212). Size options : 1/2" Shank with 3/8" flute or 3/8" shank with 1/4" flute.

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