Confined Space Offset Ratchet Screwdriver - 4356 -

    Confined Space Offset Ratchet Screwdriver

    • Only 32mm(1.1/4") tall (102mm long)
    • Side operated, reversible ratchet
    • Supplied with 7, 1/4" hex screwdriver tips


    OK, so it's not really a screwdriver but with a little lateral thinking it is. With an overall height of only 32mm and operated from the side rather than above, possibly the shortest screwdriver in the world. It takes standard 1/4" hex screwdriver tips. This offset reversible ratchet comes with 7 tips, comprising 1 x Pz1, 2 x Pz2, 4.5mm and 7mm slotted, and T15 and T20 T-Star/Torx bits.

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