Blades for Japanese Hassunme Saws - 827 -
    Blades for Japanese Hassunme Saws - 827 -

    Z-Saw Blades for Japanese Hassunme Saw - 250mm

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    • Crosscut leaves incredible finish on end grain
    • Rip cut, saws long grain effortlessly
    • Replaceable 0.5mm thick and 250mm long blades
    Saw Blade Type


    Changing a Hassunme blade couldn't be easier; gently tap the back of blade on a block of wood until it comes loose. Remove the old blade, insert the new one into the holder and tap the back of the holder on the block to seat the blade. These blades are 0.5mm thick blade, 250mm long for effortless ripping of long boards or crosscutting, leaving a smooth finish on end grain.

    Product Details

    Length of Blade
    250 mm

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