Axminster Woodturning Tool Posts

    Axminster Woodturning Tool Posts

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    • Stainless steel round bar threaded to accept Evolution Series Tool Rests
    • Separate tool rest makes system economical
    • Tool post fully interchangeable with all tool rests
    • Post diameters available to suit many lathes
    • 12mm (81mm long) 16mm (110mm long) 19mm (115mm long)
    • 25mm (140mm long), 1" (140 or 180mm long) & 30mm (180mm long)
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    Tool Post Length


    Your tool rest is the point of contact between you, the lathe, the tool and the work. It is important that the tool has the smoothest possible transit along the rest. Any bumps, ridges or hollows soon take the pleasure out of turning. Most standard tool rests are cast iron or relatively soft steel. Generally these rests soon develop nicks along their length and require occasional draw filing to bring them back into a useable condition. The Axminster Evolution Tool Rest System overcomes this problem. In order to make the system as economic as possible Axminster Evolution produces the tool rests and tool posts as separate items. The stainless steel tool post screws into the tool rest. This means a single tool post to fit into your lathe will fit any of the four lengths of tool rest. Additional tool rests simply screw onto the tool post. If you own a second lathe requiring a different diameter tool post, then the purchase of a second tool post allows you to use all your existing tool rests. Spanner flats ground onto the tool post help fitting or removing the tool rest. The first step is to choose a tool post to suit your lathe. Tool post diameters are 12mm x 81mm long, 16mm x 110mm long, 19mm x 115mm long, 25mm x 140mm long, 1" x 140 or 180mm long and 30mm x 180mm long.

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