Axminster Trade Clamps Forged F Clamp - Large - 1495 -
    Axminster Trade Clamps Forged F Clamp - Large - 1495 -
    Axminster Trade Clamps Forged F Clamp - Large - 1495 -
    Axminster Trade Clamps Forged F Clamp - Large - 1495 -

    Axminster Professional Forged F Clamp - Large

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    • Swivelling comfort grip handle for extra leverage when tightening
    • Forged, spring tempered steel bar, nickel/chrome plated
    • Large Acme thread, for fast action and high loading capacity
    Clamping Capacity x Throat


    These large fast action F clamps can really speed up your work. The comfortable two-part rubber handle swivels through 90 degrees, which is a great advantage when additional pressure needs to be applied or when access to turn it is restricted. Both options have a throat depth of 120mm. These Axminster Professional F clamps come fitted with hardened Acme threads for quick adjustment and high load capacity. Both jaws feature glue resistant, plastic caps to protect your work. The swivelling pad allows for clamping slightly tapered pieces and the top protector has a V groove to help clamp round objects. Workshops can get damp from time to time, this is why all Axminster Professional Clamps are passivated chrome finished to aid against corrosion. The comfortable two-part rubber swivel handle allows maximum pressure to be applied easily. Active clamping Active clamping is when a forged steel clamp maintains its pressure, regardless of the condition of the timber. For example, if a piece of timber with a relatively high moisture content were to be clamped in a warm workshop for an extended period, there’s every chance that it would shrink. As the timber contracts, the force applied to it will remain constant as the forged clamp frame will actively move with the timber. Conversely, the pressure applied with a standard drop forged clamp will decrease as the timber shrinks. Lifetime guarantee. These clamps come with a Lifetime Guarantee, should they fail at any time due to a material or manufacturing defect we will replace them free of charge.

    Product Details

    Clamp Throat Depth
    120 mm

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