Axminster Tapered Step Hose Reducers - 1695 -

    Axminster Workshop Tapered Step Hose Reducers

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    • Easy connection of extraction hoses to power tools and small machines
    • Tapered to accommodate varying diameters
    • UK made flexible composite mouldings, easily trimmed with utility knife
    • Overall length 165mm


    Extremely useful and effective adaptors. Connecting extraction hoses to power tools and other small machines is never an exact science especially when it involves different brands. No two manufacturers seem to use the same diameter or bore. Our British made tapered stepped hose reducer solves the problem. They solve many connection mismatches. More versatile than hard plastic reducers, these reducers are a thick walled flexible rubber composite. The thick wall prevents the vacuum pressure from collapsing the reducer. You can use them as they are or cut them to length with a sharp utility knife. Each reducer is 165mm long, each tapers externally and has seven internal steps giving various diameters. Small reducer: internal diameters 21 to 38mm, external 30 to 45mm. Medium reducer: internal diameters 38 to 55mm, external 45 to 60mm. Large reducer: internal diameters 55 to 72mm, external 60 to 77mm.

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