Axminster Rider Halfround Rasp - 200mm - 1803 -
    Axminster Rider Halfround Rasp - 200mm - 1803 -
    Axminster Rider Halfround Rasp - 200mm - 1803 -

    Rider Half Round Rasp - 200mm

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    • Invaluable tool for shaping convex or concave surfaces
    • Rapid waste removal with great control
    • CNC stitched teeth ensure precise tooth height and distribution
    • Cuts predictably leaving an even surface finish
    • Tool steel blades hardened to HRC 45 for long working life
    • Hornbeam handles for comfort with stainless steel ferrule
    • 200mm long x 19mm tapering to 15mm at the tip
    • Available stitched at 16 or 22 teeth per cm²


    For any woodworking or furniture making that involves shaping curved or carved surfaces, a quality rasp is invaluable. When it comes to producing a complex curve such as cabriole leg or similar, a rasp is a must. It allows you to achieve the desired shape quickly, with great control and can leave a surface requiring a minimum of finishing. The blades of the Rider rasps are made of high quality tool steel. A CNC machine cuts the teeth (referred to as stitching the teeth). The CNC method ensures precise height and even distribution of the teeth. The result is a rasp that performs in a steady and predictable way, and leaves an even surface finish. After stitching the teeth, the blades undergo controlled hardening to HRC 45, ensuring every rasp has a long working life. The handles are hornbeam with a stainless steel ferrule. The 200mm long half round rasp is 19mm wide, tapering to 15mm at the tip. The 200mm length is available with either 16 teeth or a fine 22 teeth per cm². Store your rasp carefully against rust and other tools damaging the teeth accidentally. Think of every tooth as a cutting edge. If clogged, use a small brass brush to remove debris from between the teeth.

    Product Details

    Rasp Length
    200 mm
    Rasp Type
    Half Round

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