Axminster Workshop Diamond Sheets

    Axminster Workshop Diamond Sheets

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    • Versatile, can be cut into shape for custom made hones
    • Self adhesive backing, fixes to flat or curved surfaces
    • 100mm wide and 200mm long, stainless steel, 0.4mm thick


    These diamond-coated flexible steel sheets are incredibly versatile. They are ideal for making your own sharpening, honing, deburring, grinding, shaping or polishing tools. The sheets are 100mm wide and 200mm long, stainless steel, 0.4mm thick, diamond-coated on one side with a self adhesive backing. You can cut the sheet with a pair of stout scissors or light snips into any shape you want. The self adhesive backing is strong and easy to fix onto a flat or curved surface. They are available in a choice of grades: coarse 240grit, medium 400grit and fine 1,000grit. You can use these diamond sheets either wet or dry. Always allow the diamond abrasive to do the work; too much pressure is less efficient. Super-hard and durable, the diamond abrasive will cut or sharpen high carbon steels, tungsten, ceramics, glass and stone.

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