Axminster 63mm Extraction Hose Kit

    Axminster Workshop 63mm Extraction Hose Kit

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    • Lengths of high quality wire reinforced 63mm hose
    • Rubber end cuffs to suit extraction outlets
    • Ideal for mobile workshop chip and dust extractors
    • Snug fit onto a 63-70mm diameter machine extraction port
    • Easy connections and re-connections between extractor and machines
    Hose Length


    Lengths of high quality smooth bore flexible 63mm extraction hose, complete with rubber cuffs at each end, are ideal for those with a single mobile extractor used on various machines around the workshop. The rubber cuffs allow quick and easy connection as there is a degree of elasticity to accommodate extraction outlets. The flexible rubber cuff forms an easy, quick and close connection between 63mm hose and a machine extraction port or spigot. The cuff is a snug fit over 70mm diameter machine extraction port. The 70mm portion is 40mm long after this an internal step reduces the diameter to 63mm. The walls are 4mm thick giving it an external diameter of 78mm. The cuff makes it easy to connect and re-connect your extractor between one machine and another. Supplied with two hose clips.

    Product Details

    Hose Diameter
    63 mm

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