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    Craftprokits Patriot Acrylic Kirinite Project Blank

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    35,95 лв.
    • Acrylic blanks full of eye-catching abstract patterns
    • Rich, shimmering, translucent colours
    • Excellent working properties
    • Easy to turn with sharp tools
    • Larger blanks for project kits
    • Blanks are 64mm long x 42mm square
    • Buffs and polishes to a high gloss finish


    Kirinite is a thermoset acrylic resin, specially created for turning and making knife handle scales. It is hardwearing and very durable, easy to work on a lathe and polishes to a brilliant finish. Kirinite features eye-catching abstract patterns running all through the material. It looks stunning when turned bringing out the wealth of colours and patterns inside. These larger blanks measure 42 x 42 x 64mm and provide plenty of scope for a wide variety of applications; for example, turning larger projects such as bottle stoppers, light-pulls, pendants and knobs. If you have access to a bandsaw, cutting the blank lengthwise into 4 pieces, will give you blanks for 2 pens. Like many acrylic blanks, the material is hard without being brittle. It is easy to turn with standard turning tools, the sharper the better. Kirinite will finish to a high gloss and has the advantage of not requiring any additional coating to protect it. We recommend the use of our Micro-Mesh abrasives, used wet for finishing.-bg

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    64 mm x 42 mm x 42 mm
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