【Axcaliber Profile Knives -546】 • Топ цена • jettools.bg
    【Axcaliber Profile Knives -546】 • Топ цена • jettools.bg

    Axcaliber Profile Knives -546

    • Fits the Axcaliber and other small moulding blocks currently available
    • 6mm diameter locating pins spaced 24mm apart
    • Will not fit the Whitehill Moulding Universal Block
    Knives or Limiters
    Централен склад: Ограничена наличност!
    64,18 лв.

    Euro cutter which will fit the Axcaliber and many of the small moulding blocks currently available, either with or without limiters. The locating pins are 6mm diameter and are spaced 24mm apart.-bg
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