ToolGuard VCI ➤ • Топ цена •
    ToolGuard VCI ➤ • Топ цена •

    ToolGuard VCI

    Централен склад: Доставка 7-10 раб. дни!
    41,78 лв.
    • Simple and easy to use just take the lid off and leave it to do its work
    • No messy residue to clean off
    • Each one protects up to 2 cubic feet of air for a year
    • Keeps rust away from your tool box or cabinet or drawer
    • Put your big stuff in a strong plastic bag with some VCIs
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    For protecting tools in confined spaces such as cupboards and tool boxes against the damaging effects of damp and condensation; each Tool Guard pad starts emitting its protective vapour as soon as you remove the lid of its container. Larger machines and components can be protected by containing them within a plastic bag and placing several VCIs strategically within the bag. Each pad will provide up to 12 months protection in volumes up to 2 cubic feet.-bg

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