Ренде Hinge Mortice Veritas



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Ренде Hinge Mortice Veritas Expand

  • Make door hinge recesses quickly and easily
  • Produces precise mortices with sharp corners
  • HCS Blade 19mm wide
  • Body 245mm x 46mm

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366,07 лв

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The Veritas Hinge Mortice plane can accurately cut the recesses for door hinges or strike plates in a fraction of the time it takes to set up a router or chop them out with a chisel. The precision blade depth adjuster ensures an accurate, uniform depth. The ductile cast iron body has been accurately machined and ground flat.


Nett Weight1.08kg (2lb 6oz)
Plane Blade Width19 mm (3/4")
Plane Sole Length245mm (9.5/8")


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Ренде Hinge Mortice Veritas

Ренде Hinge Mortice Veritas

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