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UJK Technology Stair Jig Expand
  • The design allows cutting different tread & nose sizes with 30mm guide bush
  • 12mm thick dimensionally stable High Pressure Laminate will never warp
  • Eliminates the need for different sized bushes or sub-bases
  • Offers a choice of closed riser: 22mm, 25.4mm, 28mm and 32mm tread thickness
  • Also cuts open riser stairs

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The stair jig is made of 12mm thick High Pressure Laminate, dimensionally stable and with a lifetime guarantee never to warp. This jig's clever design means it only uses a standard 30mm diameter bush to achieve the various tread and nose sizes, eliminating the need for different sized bushes or sub-bases. The jig offers a choice of closed riser standard staircases for 22mm, 25.4mm, 28mm and 32mm tread thickness, as well as open riser stairs. On completion, the staircase will qualify within British Standard 585 Part 1, (1989) regarding wooden staircases; it will also follow the Building Regulations Approved Document K (1991). It is supplied with complete and comprehensive instructions on use and staircase design.


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