Hermes RB406 Ultimate Abrasive
Hermes RB406 Ultimate Abrasive
Hermes RB406 Ultimate Abrasive
Hermes RB406 Ultimate Abrasive

Hermes RB406 Ultimate Abrasive

  • Open coat, extremely hard wearing
  • Wide selection of grits
  • Outlasts cheaper abrasives
  • 76 or 100mm in width
Abrasive Grit
Abrasive Width
Abrasive Roll Length


RB406 J-Flex is one of the most efficient fast cutting abrasives available to you whatever your skill or need. Cloth backed and exceedingly flexible with aluminium oxide grit to do the cutting with grits ranging from 80 to 400. Made popular with woodturners because although it has a tough J weight cloth backing and superb resistance to high temperatures, RB406 has tremendous flexibility, enabling fracture free folds to access very tight corners and can easily be resized into suitable strips when required. This versatile abrasive can also be lubricated with oil or water to aid a finishing cut if required. Hemes RB406 J-Flex was originally conceived to refine and polish exotic metals for industrial production processing in exacting environments such as the aircraft industry to polish very tight radii. Additionally, the product was developed to resist high friction temperatures and the blunting effects of 'capping' (when swarf welds itself to the abrasive grain). So whether you are working in wood or metal, RB406 is one of the essentials for a fine finish and the answer to stock removal in awkward difficult-to-get-at places.-bg

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Abrasive Type
Abrasive Backing
Abrasive Material
Aluminium Oxide

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