Axminster Precision Feeler Gauge...

    Axminster Precision Feeler Gauge Strip - 0.1mm

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    • Precision Gauge Strips: 0.1mm x 300mm long 12.7mm wide
    • Hardened, tempered and polished
    • Thickness marked on each strip
    • Rounded ends and convenient hanging hole
    • For adjusting, aligning and checking tolerances
    • Cheaper to replace than a complete gauge set


    Feeler gauge strips are useful for adjusting, aligning and checking tolerances. Axminster Precision Feeler Gauge Strips are 300mm lengths of machined and polished steel in precise thicknesses. The steel is hardened, tempered and polished with the thickness marked on each 12.7mm wide strip. Each strip has rounded ends and a convenient hole for hanging. Feeler gauge strips make sense when regularly needing to check a specific clearance. A single strip is easier and cheaper to replace rather than a complete gauge set with only one worn blade. Without the extra weight and bulk of an entire set, a strip is also easier use and you get a better feel for the ‘drag’ when the tolerance is correct.-bg

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