Стопер Veritas Planing


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Стопер Veritas Planing Expand

  • Projects just 5.5mm, allows planing of boards as thin as 6mm
  • Prevents the workpiece from skewing under your plane
  • Two steel posts to fit either 19mm or 20mm dog holes

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44,80 лв

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The anodised aluminium rail projects just 5.5mm above the bench top, allowing you to plane boards as thin as 6mm without obstruction. Two steel posts, sized to fit into 19mm or 20mm dog holes, slide along a T-track on the underside of the rail. A second stop at 90° makes your workpiece fully secure when working with a larger workpiece preventing it from skewing under your plane or for making cross-grain planing secure without the obstruction of clamps. Made in Canada.


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Стопер Veritas Planing

Стопер Veritas Planing

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