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Jet JWBS-16X Bandsaw Expand

  • Голям чугунен плот накланящ се от -10° до + 45°
  • Балансирани чугунени колела, с PU покритие
  • Горна и долна прецизни настройки за подобрена производителност
  • Супорт с наклон до 60°
  • Micro ключ на вратата за безопасност
  • Прецизна настройка на височината с помощта на големи ръчни колела и зъбна система
  • Напълно заключени врати, електро-механична спирачка на двигателя

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The Jet JWBS-16X is intended for heavy work and has cast iron blade wheels, a super cast iron table which can tilt from -10° to +45°, a locking rip fence which is supported at the front and rear of the table and extends slightly beyond the cast iron table to give an excellent capacity on both sides of the blade. On the face of the rip fence is a point cutting attachment which is ideal for re-sawing. The mitre fence is 'T' slotted into the table for accuracy, safety and extended capacity. The blade is guided both above and below the table with micrometer-adjusted thrust and bearing rollers which give a positive support to the blade, resulting in a very good quality of cut and extended blade life.
With fully interlocked doors, electro-mechanical motor brake and with easily accessible blade tension and tracking controls, this machine is for the professional workshop where an accurate bandsaw with good capacities can become a very popular machine with which to work. To move this machine around the workshop we recommend the purchase of the mobile base unit (Stock Number 708119). This additional base unit is easy to fit and allows the machine to be moved without fear of tipping the unit over or causing any damage to either the operator or the machine.
N.B. A 20A supply is recommended when used with 240 volt supply.

Дължина на острието3124 mm (123 ")
Blade Speed900 метър / мин
Blade Ширина MinMax3 мм (1.8 ") / 32мм (1,1 / 4")
Прахоулавяне Outlet100 mm (х 1)
Максимална дълбочина на рязане250 мм
Максимална ширина на рязане405mm
Максимална ширина на рязане С Ограда355 mm
Нето тегло130кг
Като цяло LxWxH800 х 950 х 1850 mm
Мощност1.1kW (Макс Входни 1.9kW) 230V 1ph
Таблица Височина890mm
Таблица Височина On StandN / A
Размер на таблицата430 х 430милиметър
Таблица Tilt-10 ° до + 45 °
Диаметър на колелото420 mm


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Банциг Jet JWBS-16X

Банциг Jet JWBS-16X

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