Veritas Knobs for Custom Hand Planes ➤ • Топ цена •
    Veritas Knobs for Custom Hand Planes ➤ • Топ цена •

    Veritas Knobs for Custom Hand Planes

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    • Wide knob; 50mm tall, 50mm diameter
    • Large comfortable bearing surface
    • Standard Veritas knob, more spherical, 60mm tall, max diameter 45mm
    • Good balance, allows altering grip to suit the work
    • Tall knob, 66mm with max diameter of 40mm
    • Easier to grip with the whole hand


    Take Hold Made from Canadian maple, heat treated to stabilise the wood against swelling and shrinkage caused by humidity changes. The wide knob has a relatively flat profile, standing 50mm tall. The 50mm diameter provides a large bearing surface for your palm. It improves comfort if you need to press down on the toe of the plane. It gives your fingers more purchase when lifting the plane at the end of a stroke. The standard Veritas knob has a more spherical shape. It is 60mm tall with a maximum diameter of 45mm. It provides a balance of features between the other two knobs. This is useful if you alter your grip depending on the kind of work you are doing. The tall knob stands 66mm high, making it a good choice if you prefer to grip with your whole hand. At 40mm, it has the smallest maximum diameter of the knobs. It is the easiest knob to grip for users with small hands. The high waist of the knob gives more clearance when pushing with the crook of your thumb.-bg

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