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    Hermes 16th Sheet Multi-Hole Abrasive

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    23,42 лв.
    • Fits all 1/6th sheet sanders with hook and loop fitting
    • Patented multi hole designed to reduce surface dust and disc clogging
    • No dust build up on the abrasive grain when used with extraction to give swirl free finish
    • High quality aluminium oxide with a longlife coating
    • Helping to keep the work place cleaner and healthier
    • Available in packs of 10
    • Size 80 x 133mm
    Abrasive Grit


    Being one of the UK's leading abrasive suppliers, Hermes have developed a special multi-hole abrasive for use with 1/6th sheet sanders that will give high performance, cleaner and safer working and an excellent finish. This high quality VC 151 abrasive has small holes punched over its whole area to ensure that the extraction air flow can act effectively and that there is no build up on the abrasive grain to give a much higher level of performance with a swirl free finish. No need to worry how many extraction holes your sander has and lining them up, these can be used on all 1/6th sheet sanders saving time and cost as well as helping to eliminate dust for a cleaner and safer working environment. The abrasive will give high performance and quality with high stock removal and is made from aluminium oxide, resin bonded with a long life coating and put onto a special flexible tear proof C paper backing making it suitable for all finishing. Available in packs of 10. Size 80 x 133mm-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    Абразивна подложка
    Paper and Hook and loop
    Абразивен материал
    Aluminium Oxide
    Тип абразив
    VC 151-Longlife VEL
    Размер на абразивния лист
    80 mm x 133 mm

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