Axminster Glue Bottles
Axminster Glue Bottles
Axminster Glue Bottles

Axminster Glue Bottles

  • Suitable for PVA and aliphatic resin wood and craft glues
  • Available in four types to suit different applications


Axminster Glue Bottles are well made and will give good service when used with the PVA and aliphatic resin groups of wood and craft glues. There are four bottles, each dedicated to a particular type of glue application: Roller Glue Bottle: Lays the glue over flat surface areas via a glue feed roller. Biscuit Jointer Glue Bottle: Head delivers glue accurately into the pocket for all sizes of biscuit. Dowel and Biscuit Jointer Glue Bottle: 9mm nozzle feeds glue into holes for dowels and standard width biscuits. Brush Glue Bottle: Brush head for a more conventional application. All four bottles come complete with closures to keep the glue fresh. 227ml (8fl oz).-bg

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