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    Axminster Craft Stand For AC355WL Lathe

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    • Floor stand for the Axminster Craft AC355WL woodturning lathe
    • Made from heavy gauge steel box section to securely support the lathe
    • Splayed back legs to allow plenty of foot room
    • Adjustable height rubber feet give stability
    • The stand is adjustable in length, could accommodate other lathes


    This is a floor stand for the Axminster Craft AC355WL woodturning lathe. Made from box section steel, it is simple to assemble and sturdy enough to hold this lathe securely. It is adjustable in height from 610mm-875mm and so creates a comfortable working height. The feet are splayed back to give plenty of foot space, and are fitted with rubber feet which are adjustable to accommodate an uneven workshop floor. This stand is also adjustable in length between 590mm-945mm which means that it could fit many other lathes that are normally bench mounted. You would possibly either need to fabricate some suitable mounting plates or drill suitably spaced holes to be able to attach your lathe. Recommended maximum weight 70kg.-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    Обща дължина x ширина x височина
    590-945 x 615 x 610-875mm
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