Axcaliber Premium 355mm TCT Циркулярен диск ➤ • Топ цена •

    Axcaliber Premium 355mm TCT Циркулярен диск

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    248,05 лв.
    • Micro grained TCT tips
    • Resin damped, laser cut plates
    • 12° hook angle
    • 3.5mm kerf
    • 28, 72 & 108T
    • 30mm bore, reducing bushes available
    Blade Application


    Axcaliber "Premium" circular saw blades are from the world's largest blade manufacturer. Using the latest production techniques and the best materials, the Premium blades feature micro grain TCT tips and resin damped laser cut plates, which substantially reduce noise whilst cutting. The "Premium" range is the blade of choice for all joinery and cabinet workshops demanding the very best performance. The fine crosscut blades feature Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) ground teeth, ensuring a clean, fast cut. The tops of the teeth are bevelled alternately at approximately 15 degrees. This tooth configuration bears a sharp pointed tip that provides a neat clipping action for very fine finishes. Two teeth will span the entire width of the kerf. It produces very low cutting pressures that almost eliminate the tendency to tear out. The chips fall free in the chip spaces created by the large side clearance angles. The rip cut blades feature trapezoidal ground teeth, known as a Top Centre Ground or Triple Chip tooth profile where one flat top tooth is followed by a trapezoidal tooth, which is slightly higher. The higher tooth cuts material narrower than final kerf, helping to eliminate chipping and tear out. This provides the finest finish on all woods or manmade boards including faced boards.-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    3.5 mm
    Максимални обороти в минута
    5,600 rpm
    Дебелина на плочата
    2.5 mm
    Формат на зъбите
    Ъгъл на куката
    Диаметър на острието
    355 mm
    Размер на отвора
    30 mm

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