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    Z-Poxy Epoxy Resin

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    • Suitable for Wood, Metal, Plastics, Cloth, Leather Rubber and Ceramics
    • 118 ml (4 floz) each, resin and hardener
    • Interior/Exterior use
    • Clear, tough, permanent bond
    • Gap filling with shock resistant characteristics
    • Resists fuel, oil, many chemicals and solvents
    Curing Time


    Epoxy Resin is one of the strongest and most durable adhesives available and suitable for a wide range of applications. Z-Poxy 5 Minute is a quick setting two part epoxy resin giving a clear, tough, permanent bond to wood, metals, fibreglass and many plastics. It has excellent gap filling and shock resistant characteristics in a glue line that doesn't shrink and is resistant to fuel, oil and many chemicals and solvents. The non-reversible chemical set takes place in just five minutes, which in most cases eliminates the need for clamping. Z-Poxy 30 Minute has all the attributes of the five minute version but with the added benefit of a longer open or working time, essential in some assemblies. The slower set also gives the further benefit of an even stronger bond and enables the casting of small components and the making of epoxy putty when compounded. Both packs are 8 fl.oz (4 fl.oz resin; 4 fl.oz hardener). Like most chemical set products they are sensitive to temperature and humidity affecting the setting times and in extreme cases their ability to set. Good working conditions are therefore essential to gain the best results.-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    Налични размери
    237 ml (8 fl.oz)
    Вътрешна, външна
    Тип лепило
    Epoxy Resin
    Подходящ за
    Wood, Metal, Some Plastics, Cloth, Leather, Rubber, Ceramics, Masonry

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