Wudfil Repair Filler
Wudfil Repair Filler
Wudfil Repair Filler
Wudfil Repair Filler
Wudfil Repair Filler

Wudfil Repair Filler

  • Two part filler and hardener
  • Dries to a neutral creamy colour ready for staining
  • Easily sanded
  • Takes wood stain
  • Holds sharp edge
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Colour matching stoppings and wood fillers has always been difficult. Most are pre-coloured, taking their names from the type of timber they most closely resemble. This is fine, except that the great beauty of wood is its vast variation in colour - life would be easy if all trees of a particular species grew to a uniform and consistent shade, but it would also be very much less interesting! Wudcare Repair Filler is the solution. Made for professionals this two part (filler and hardener) filler dries to a neutral creamy colour ready to be stained. Hardening takes approximately ten minutes. Once hardened or cured, Wudcare is easily sanded smooth. Its other great advantage is its ability to take a sharp edge without crumbling, making it the best choice for filling on an edge where a corner needs to be reformed. Tried, tested and wholly recommended by Axminster.-bg

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