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    Veritas PM-V11 Blade For Flat & Round Spokeshaves

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    99,27 лв.
    • Perfect upgrade for Veritas round and flat spokeshaves
    • Extremely durable PM-V11 steel alloy
    • At least twice the edge life of A2 steel
    • Highly wear-resistant, yet easy to sharpen
    • Blades lapped to a flatness tolerance of +/-0.0127mm
    • Made in Canada


    More than two years of research and testing by Veritas went into PM-V11, a new steel alloy. The PM refers to a process known as powder metallurgy. It involves atomising molten metals, cooling and hardening the powder, then finally heating it under pressure to form an ingot. PM-V11 is a specific mixture of metals combined into a unique alloy. The resulting steel has a very fine, uniform grain structure. It is inherently more durable than steels produced using ordinary manufacturing processes. Blades made from PM-V11 are highly resistant to dulling or damage from wear and impact. These blades can take a keen edge and hold it through extended use. PM-V11 is as easy to sharpen as A2 tool steel using water stones or other common sharpening methods. Testing showed that a PM-V11 blade edge lasts at least twice as long in use as an A2 blade. Made in Canada.-bg

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