Heavy Duty Wood Rack

43,00 лв.
  • Arms and Uprights sold separately (both in pairs)
  • Heavy duty wood storage system up to 270kg per pair of uprights
  • Tailor make your wood store to the size you need
  • 300mm or 450mm wood rack arms
  • Upright wall bars 610mm long


This is the wood storage system you have been looking for. It is fundamentally like a giant version of the system for suspending shelves, where you fit a vertical upright bar (610mm long) to the wall and then click the arms into the locations on the bar. You can tailor-make your wood store to the size you need (or more likely, can accommodate) by placing as many of the upright bars as necessary and then locating and locking in the 300mm or 450mm Wood Rack Arms as required. Maximum safe load for a pair of bars is 270kg, maximum safe load for a pair of arms is 135kg. Both upright bars and wood rack arms are supplied in pairs.-bg

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