Skamolex Soldering Board
Skamolex Soldering Board
    Skamolex Soldering Board
    Skamolex Soldering Board

    Skamolex Soldering Board

    • Ideal base for soldering or brazing
    • Highly insulating vermiculite refractory product
    • High temperature resistance up to 1,100°c
    • Can withstand direct flame impingement
    • Non-dusting, non-irritant and odourless
    • Easy to cut and shape if required
    • Block 140 x 70 x 35mm
    • Board 300 x 200 x 15mm
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    Skamolex is a highly insulating refractory product made from exfoliated vermiculite. Its primary use is as replacement firebricks and lining material in hearth and heating appliances. It has a very high temperature resistance up to 1,100°C to withstand direct flame impingement. It does not contain any ceramic or asbestos fibres and is non-dusting, non-irritant and odourless. It has a high mechanical strength, yet is easy to cut and shape with ordinary tools. All of which adds up to an ideal base for soldering or brazing. Available as a block 140 x 70 x 35mm or a board 300 x 200 x 15mm. Please take all necessary safety precautions when soldering, Environmental Health recommend goggles as a minimum.-bg

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