Щрайхмус със спирален режещ вал...
Щрайхмус със спирален режещ вал...
Щрайхмус със спирален режещ вал...
Щрайхмус със спирален режещ вал...
Щрайхмус със спирален режещ вал...
Щрайхмус със спирален режещ вал...
Щрайхмус със спирален режещ вал...
Щрайхмус със спирален режещ вал...
Щрайхмус със спирален режещ вал...

Щрайхмус със спирален режещ вал Axminster AT330ST

  • Gives a very clean finish to your work
  • Uses 15mm solid tungsten carbide four edged spur cutters
  • 1,500W brush motor, gives ample power
  • Planing block height adjusted by precise control handle
  • Gauge indicates thickness of material
  • Planing block unit equipped with lock for precise, even finish
  • Dust collection via shroud fitted with a 100mm diameter outlet




The AT330ST is a robust portable thicknesser with a slightly greater width capacity, a more powerful motor and longer tables than most of the similar models on the market. The spiral planing block, which is powered by a 1,500W brush motor, is equipped with 56 TCT spur cutters giving a fantastic finish, especially on difficult figured timbers. This uses 15mm square x 2.5mm thick, four edged solid tungsten carbide spur type cutters, 40 in all arranged over four rows. These cutters are unique in that the edges are machined to a radius of 102mm; this coupled with how they are set on the block means that a shear type cut is achieved. This gives a very "kind" cut so that even figured timbers can be machined with little or no tearout. There are several advantages of this type of cutter block : Durability: each edge will last around 10 times longer than an HSS knife and you have four edges per cutter. Noise: spiral cutter blocks are notably quieter in use, up to 50% with some timbers. And the finish is silky smooth, without the usual lines across the board. Power: because of their shear type cutter action, the power saving can be as much as 30%, meaning much less strain on the machine and lower running costs. Extraction: this will also be more efficient because of the even shape of the chips, packing more into the waste sack. The planer block height is adjusted by a very precise control positioned conveniently on top of the machine and there is a scale on the front face for easy reference to the timber thickness. There are two other aids to controlling the timber thickness, one is a gauge on the front of the motor housing which indicates the depth of cut being taken. The other is a depth stop with presets (1/8", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" & 1 1/4") for finished board thickness. In addition, the planing block unit is equipped with a lock which removes any chance of the height setting altering during the planing operation. Although the AC330ST is fitted with increased length infeed and outfeed tables, it is recommended that a suitable roller stand is used for long planks for both safety and accuracy of the work. Roller stands are detailed within the Machinery section. Dust collection is via a shroud on the top of the block which is fitted with a 100mm diameter outlet for direct connection to a suitable chip collector. The AC330ST is a well built and substantial machine with plenty of power, and the unique spiral cutter block which should appeal to the more serious user.-bg

Подробности за продукта

Max Thicknessing Capacity
150 mm
Overall L x W x H
950 mm x 590 mm x 460 mm
TC Spur Cutters x 40
Dust Extraction Outlet
100 mm
Plug Fitted
UK 3 pin plug
1.5 kW
Feed Speed
8 m/min
Nett Weight
34 kg
Min Extraction Airflow Required
1,000 m³/hr
Sound Power Level LWA [Uncertainty K]
86 dB(A) [1.5 dB]
230 V
Cutterblock Speed
8,000 rpm
Cutterblock Diameter
47 mm
Length of Table
950 mm
Max Depth of Cut Thicknesser
1.0 mm
Max Planing Width
330 mm

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