Sedgwick TESH 3 Head Tenoner
Sedgwick TESH 3 Head Tenoner

Sedgwick TESH 3 Head Tenoner

  • Three separately powered heads
  • Two main heads equipped with 4 replaceable shear-cutting knives and 2 spur cutters
  • Cam action work clamp
  • Invaluable in any production workshop


This Tenoner has two separately powered heads which enable both sides of the tenon to be cut in one pass, the shoulders being offset if required. The heads are each equipped with 4 replaceable shear-cutting knives, two spur cutters for clean shouldered tenons, a mechanical digital readout on the head and are powered by two 2.2kW Motors. An additional third 4kW motor is provided to drive a scribing head for accurately scribed individual mouldings. A scribing head is an optional extra. The TESH has cam action clamping levers for fast, secure work holding. Made by Sedgwick to their usual high standards this machine will prove invaluable in any production workshop. Each block has 4 shear cut replaceable knives and 2 spur cutters. Provision for 2 scribing cutters and chip limiters is provided in both top and bottom heads. It also comes with a mechanical analogue readout on the Tenoning heads.-bg

Подробности за продукта

Max Length of Tenon Single Pass
155 mm
Max Length of Tenon Two Passes
205 mm
Scribing Head Shaft Diameter
30 mm
Timber Cap' Height Fence @ 45º
130 mm
Overall L x W x H
1,320 mm x 1,020 mm x 1,560 mm
Timber Cap' Width Fence @ 45º
195 mm
Dust Extraction Outlet
150 mm
Timber Cap' Width Fence @ 90º
310 mm
Table Size
800 mm x 310 mm
Vertical Adjustment Bottom Block
0 mm - 60 mm
Nett Weight
470 kg
Vertical Adjustment Scribing Head
95 mm
Vertical Adjustment Top Block
0 mm - 100 mm
Diameter of Tooling Bottom Block
175 mm
Diameter of Tooling Scribing Head
210 mm
Diameter of Tooling Top Block
175 mm
Horizontal Adjustment Scribing Head
30 mm
Horizontal Adjustment Top Block
±32 mm
Length of Shaft
75 mm
Main Cutter Heads
2 @ 175 mm x 60 mm

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